Data privacy & Big data

The course »Data privacy & Big data« deals with these online activities that become our personal digital footprint. What data do we consciously or unconsciously disclose about ourselves and which of this data is collected and analysed by third parties? To better understand how such systems work, you slip into the role of an analysis algorithm. Later, you will use the microboard Calliope mini to program a chat program that works with encryption. You will be taught the mechanisms for taking action against unwanted data collection and analysis.

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Since November 1, 2021
Language: English

Course information

Even if many have already heard that our usage behaviour, our written messages, uploaded photos, our likes and hashtags are being analysed, most do not know what the concrete effects are. photos, our likes and hashtags are being analysed, most are unaware of the concrete effects that constant and data collection can have. The digital footprint we leave behind every day can create movement and personality profiles that have become so valuable to companies that they offer their digital services supposedly for free. It becomes problematic when users are not made transparent which data is collected for which purpose. It becomes even more problematic when data is sold on to third parties. Especially with sensitive personal information, it is even more important to keep control over your own data. Caution is also advised when using messenger services, because some of these services read contact data from the address book and thus collect data about third parties in a roundabout way.

Goal and framework

  • The goal of the course is to provide you with content-related assistance in developing the most important concepts on the topic of data protection and big data, as well as didactic recommendations for teaching them in the classroom.

  • To get started, we recommend the course »How do I navigate the internet«, which serves as the basis for all courses in the series, and optionally the course »Passwords & Data security«.

  • The course consists of introductory videos, live training, explanatory videos as well as additional practical teaching handouts (as links), the opportunity for exchange and consolidation in the discussion forum, as well as learning objective checks.
    build up.


  • Allow sufficient time for each topic.
  • Use a notebook for the course to record your own insights, ideas and questions about the topic in writing.
  • Consider the content as inspiration for your own teaching practice and question critically.

Certificate of attendance

  • Upon completion of at least 70% of the course, you will receive a certificate of course attendance. Take the opportunity to participate in the entire course series to receive your Teach the Teacher Cybersecurity certificate.

Who this course is for

  • Teacher
  • Educational Professionals

Course contents

  • Overview

  • Big data - Data privacy?:

    What is Big Data and how does an analysis algorithm work? You slip into the role yourself to learn what data is collected and how it can be analysed.
  • Data privacy vs. Data security:

    What exactly is meant by data protection and data security? With the help of a practical application, you will learn to understand the goals, the distinction as well as the interlocking of the two terms.
  • Cybersecurity training:

    What does cybersecurity cover? Our experts provide you with complementary and in-depth insights into the myriad aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Closing

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