How do I navigate the internet

In contrast to the dangers in our everyday lives, dangers on the internet are invisible and not comprehensible to users. Non-visible processes generally promote so-called black box thinking. This leads to ignorance, which in turn leads to discomfort and rejection.

This course covers the topics and content of the first module, which makes the structure and functioning of the internet tangible. With the help of the background information, the awareness of cybersecurity is to be strengthened in a playful way.

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Since November 1, 2021
Language: English

Course information

Smartphones, music and video streaming services, computer games, social networks - the list of services and devices we can use thanks to digital possibilities is long. However, as innovative digital systems become established in our everyday lives, the data we generate and leave behind is also increasing. At the same time, the challenges of protecting ourselves to prevent potential threats are growing.

In this course, you will explore how the internet works and how it is used in everyday life. In contrast to dangers in real everyday life, the risks in digital networks are mostly invisible. Most processes take place in the background and are therefore difficult to understand. This is exactly where the first course after the module of the same name "How do I move on the internet" comes in.

You will first explore the processes of information processing - subsequently these will be re-enacted and thus made visible. Building on this, definitions of terms are derived to lay a foundation for a technical understanding of information processing. For this, it is also important to understand what is meant by "digital data" and the "language of digital systems".

Goal and framework

  • The goal of the course is to provide you with content-related assistance in working out the most important concepts of cybersecurity, but also with didactic recommendations for teaching it in the classroom.

  • No previous experience or special equipment is necessary to get started; the focus here is on establishing a basic knowledge.

  • The module consists of introductory videos, live training, as well as additional practice-oriented teaching materials (as links), the opportunity for exchange and consolidation in the discussion forum, as well as learning objective checks.

  • "How do I navigate the Internet" is to be understood as the basic module on which all other courses in the series build.


  • Allow sufficient time for each topic.
  • Use a notebook for the course to record your own insights, ideas and questions about the topic in writing.
  • Consider the content as inspiration for your own teaching practice and question critically.

Certificate of attendance

  • Upon completion of at least 70% of the course, you will receive a certificate for your course participation. Take the opportunity to participate in the entire course series to receive your Teach the Teacher Cybersecurity certificate.

Who this course is for

  • Teacher
  • Educational Professionals

Course contents

  • Overview:

    What lays behind this course? What is it about, how does it take place and what do you gain from it. Here you get to know how to start!
  • Making the internet a tangible experience:

    What does it mean to be online? In this part you will explore the concept of the medium and the discussion of media use on the internet. You will also get an idea of the concept of the internet.
  • From the medium to the internet:

    The more data we send on the internet, the more powerful our devices have to be to receive, store and process the data. But how do we actually send our data? And what does that have to do with electricity? You will learn about the language of machines and the processes of data transmission.
  • Cybersecurity training:

    What does cybersecurity cover? Our experts provide you with complementary and in-depth insights into the myriad aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Closing

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