School is constantly changing. It is in its nature that new actors and new impulses of society influence the school in the course of the learners. This time the impulse is very strong; the current digitalisation of many areas of society now simultaneously places new tasks on the school's operations at the levels of technical equipment, personnel development, media didactics, subject didactics and teaching organisation.

The reason for is the activities of the Hasso Plattner Institute in the context of the HPI Schul-Cloud project. We are creating an infrastructural platform for those active in teaching and are involving the users in all development steps. There we noticed that questions on other levels remain unanswered, to which we contribute in and invite further participants. Our aim is to create a learning and exchange service for participants in school education based on the MOOC learning platform openHPI, which has been tried and tested on a large scale, that helps to overcome the current barriers.

For more information on how this platform came into existence, check out THIS blog post from the HPI Schul-Cloud.

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